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Get your official 2013/14 Roma jersey at asromastores or online at

Download HERE the official press release.

Rome July 11th, 2013

Unique like the passion of the romanisti, unique like the bond that unites the fans and their favorite colors, “UNICA COME TE”: AS Roma presents the technical kit for the 2013-14 season with a jersey without precedents, void of the technical sponsor’s logo since it was produced exclusively by the Club.

The serial numbers on each jersey further contribute to its uniqueness. A special message will be entrusted to this jersey that is destined to make history. “Solo per questa maglia…Unico Grande Amore” is the phrase and the commitment which will be on the interior of each jersey.

The roman numerals on the collar represent the Club’s foundation year – 1927 – a style that pays tribute to the tradition: the first jersey that gets inspiration from the early 1900’s ROMAN FC team, one of the three clubs that merged together to give birth to the Associazione Sportiva Roma.

The tribute to this history began last year when the color red, which characterized the jerseys worn in the 80’s, was reinstated and continues with the choice to revive the yellow-gold color which was utilized in that same period.

“The jersey represents the sense of belonging of Roma fans worldwide – stated AS Roma Commercial Director Christoph Winterling -. This year we had the opportunity to create a personalized jersey, we inserted several elements which the fans have always wanted and we felt the need to make each jersey unique. Just like our fans.”

However the new jersey will also be an emblem of the Club’s constant commitment to socially relevant initiatives: the jersey will have the brand new Roma Cares foundation logo printed on the front. Roma Cares will see the Club involved in several charity projects.

“The first jersey is a pillar of this Club and for this reason it was chosen to vehicle special initiatives – explained AS Roma CEO Italo Zanzi -. With the creation of our foundation, Roma Cares, we will be able to significantly contribute to the City and community of Rome, our bond with the territory also implicates responsibilities off the field. A part of the proceeds from sales will go towards philanthropic activities. We are confident our fans will support this program and help us make a difference in our city.”

With the 2013-14 season the new logo will officially make its debut, a crest which was improved through an innovative three dimensional design.

The first jersey was presented to the team on the Agostino Di Bartolomei field at the Fulvio Bernardini center: it was young giallorossi between the ages of 6 and 10 who “lent” the jersey to the players, asking them to honor and respect it. Roma’s jersey is unique, “UNICA COME TE”.

Today at asromastores the jersey will be officially presented to fans, once again the children will be protagonists. Starting at 1:34PM all those who purchase the new jersey will receive receive a free t-shirt with the statement #UNICACOMETE.



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