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Trigoria, 9/11/12: morning fitness and tactical work

Trigoria, 9/11/12: morning fitness and tactical work


It was the first training session of the day for Zeman’s men, just two days before the derby. The Giallorossi will face Petkovic’s Lazio on Sunday afternoon at 15:00. The group came on to the pitch at approximately 10:00. After a brief athletic warm-up the players moved on to sprinting exercises and then exercises on the steps that focused on the strengthening of the lower limbs. The forwards and midfielders undertook tactical work, while the defenders worked on defensive tactics. Totti broke off training early as a precaution for a mild inflammation in his right hip.

There was physiotherapy and a personalised workout for Dodô. Stekelenburg underwent a physiotherapy session.

The team will meet up next at 15:30 for the second session of the day.

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