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Riscone, 7/15/13: Tin Jedvaj press conference

Riscone, 7/15/13: Tin Jedvaj press conference


AS Roma CEO Italo Zanzi

"Yesterday we presented a defender with lots of Serie A experience. Today we're presenting a younger player but one with a great future. We're delighted to have him here with us. We believe it's important to build a team for the future and that's why we've brought in Jedvaj. Welcome to Roma, Tin!"

Tin Jedvaj

"First of all, hello everyone. I'm happy to be here because this is a big club. I hope to win trophies here, repay the club for the faith they've shown in me, live up to my potential and get Roma back into Europe."

"There were a lot of clubs interested in me but it doesn't matter now. All that matters is that I'm here. This is a club with a great history and some great players including Totti, one of the best of all time. I'm sure I've joined one of the top three clubs in Italy. It all happened so quickly that I didn't have time to keep up with the newspaper reports about me joining. Tottenham were very interested but Roma showed how much they wanted me and I'm delighted to be a part of this team."

"What do I know about Italian football? That it's a tough league and one of the best in Europe. I'm sure I'll improve my tactical game a lot here. The strikers in Italy are very good but I don't fear anyone on the field. Off it I respect everyone of course but on it everyone's the same."

"I played for Dinamo Zagreb, one of the best clubs in Croatia. I came through the youth academy then got promoted to the first team last winter. I spent six months with them and we won the league and the Super Cup. I'm just a regular guy like others my age. I like going shopping in my free time. My family have come to Rome with me and they'll help me to settle in, which is what the senior players at the club are doing. I want to thank them for that."

"I don't like describing myself but if I have to name my qualities then I'd say my technical ability and my sense of positioning. Thiago Silva and David Luiz are players I try to emulate. I'd like to become like them because they're very calm and confident."

"I would have liked to have number 16 because it's the number I made my senior debut in but it belongs to De Rossi, so I chose 33 which is the number Thiago Silva wears."

"The coach just told me to keep calm, play my game and show what I can do. The first couple of days have gone well and I'm grateful to Pjanic, who's helping me with my Italian. At the moment we're doing lots of fitness work with Garcia. I know about the excellent results he achieved at Lille. He's a great coach and hopefully he can reproduce that success here."

"Obviously you have to take things one step at a time. My main aims are just to play for Roma and stay here for a few years. No one knows what the future holds: what I want is to be here with Roma and win things with this club. I feel I'm ready for the first team and not the youth side. Do I know Marquinhos? Sure, he only started playing for Roma last season and now he's known all over Europe – it just goes to show that age doesn't matter. I'm also going to try and seize every opportunity the coach gives me."



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