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Press conference: AS Roma suits designed by Philipp Plein

Press conference: AS Roma suits designed by Philipp Plein



We welcome Philipp Plein, our club’s new partner. Special thanks go out to Philipp himself and his company which has signed a long-term contract with us.

It’s really a pleasure for us to be here in Trigoria. It’s quite probable that you still don’t know our brand, but today we want to directly present ourselves to the media in attendance and the fans. Our aim is to make Roma stronger. Obviously we cannot help the players with footballing advice, but we’ll try to do it by offering them a new style. The brand is nearly fourteen years old, and we’re very close to Italy because we make many products for this country.

Today at this press conference we’ve chosen to give you a live showing of some Roma players dressed in our brand. With their help we will explain the characteristics of the clothing that we’ve chosen for our partner AS Roma; it is a young and elegant style. We are fortunate to have four players with us [Lamela, Osvaldo, Balzaretti and Stekelenburg, ed.] who are wearing four different looks that have been specially prepared by us for the club. We believe that the players specifically are the best models imaginable; young, talented and good-looking. I believe each of them is like a rock star, and each one has his own personality that transmits and communicates externally a specific input. It is precisely for this reason that our entire AS Roma collection is personalised with the names of individual players with a different design for each of them. We have worked in a way that each of them can best express their personality through our products. AS Roma is a very strong brand and visually appears in our collection; in fact, the inscription ROMA appears on all of our pieces in various positions.

Our brand is a luxury brand that is sold in more than 48 countries worldwide. It’s a pleasure to work with Roma for several reasons. First of all, Rome is a city that is unique in Italy. It’s not just the capital, but it also represents the country itself and is a sort of open-air museum. AS Roma is a symbol of the city itself. And the players represent modern heroes of the society in which we live. People tend to imitate them because they’re young and very talented. They represent the typical Philipp Plein customer to the fullest. This is why we’re here. Our goal is that the players don’t just feel united on the pitch, but also off of it, with clothing that makes them proud and even more united.

AS Roma and Philipp Plein are two global brands and Roma players represent the ideal models for our clothes. A football team is judged by their sporting results, but a player who feels comfortable in his clothing feels even stronger on the pitch. We also have plans to publish a book of photographs with the players that will show them from every point of view, and to move forward a number of initiatives with this club.

I want to say a special thank you to Philipp and his team for choosing Roma as a partner. I use the word "partner" and not sponsor because all the companies we have chosen this year share their ideas with us to help us grow and develop into a global brand. Plein works in lots of countries that Roma have visited, like America, and countries we will visit soon, in Asia for example. Our club will be able to work a lot on its image thanks to Philipp Plein. What we are showing you today is a high-quality brand that can go a long way to boosting our visibility. Plein is a brand that focuses on personalization. He’s thought about the needs and tastes of every single player. And that's a sentiment we share as a club at AS Roma. We aim to work on each fan as an individual, understand what he wants and invest in making him happy. As president Pallotta has said, we are merely the custodians of this club. The true protagonists are the fans together with the footballers. The players are delighted with the products they've received and they feel completely at ease in their new suits. We had many possibilities for the design of our official club suits but we chose Philipp Plein because he’s not only here to invest his money but because he wants to develop his brand alongside our own.


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