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Riscone, 15/7/2012: Bradley straight to work with Giallorossi

Riscone, 15/7/2012: Bradley straight to work with Giallorossi


The big news in Roma's training camp this afternoon was Michael Bradley's arrival. The USA midfielder checked into the Hotel Royal Hinterhuber – the Giallorossi's temporary home during their stay in Val Pusteria – around 15:00. There was barely time to meet Zeman and the other players before he got straight to work with the rest of the team on the training pitch at 16:45.

The players began this afternoon's session, meticulously planned as always by Zeman's coaching staff, by warming up with the ball. The squad was then split into groups for a series of tactical drills, before moving onto the running track to do some lower-limb strengthening exercises, with Heinze, Lopez, Marquinho, Pjanic, Pizarro, Rosi, Totti and Verre following a different strengthening programme. The session ended with a practice match on a full-size pitch.

Bertolacci, Greco and Perrotta carried out personalized training programmes.

There will two more training sessions tomorrow, the first starting at the usual time of 9:30. Afterwards there will be a press conference with Giallorossi youngsters Lucca, Proietti-Gaffi, Romagnoli, Svedkauskas and Verre.

Click here to see our Facebook gallery with pics from this afternoon's training session.

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