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Luis Enrique: “A lovely match. I’ll always support Roma”

Luis Enrique: “A lovely match. I’ll always support Roma”


The great warmth towards me from the fans? I already thanked them at the press conference before the match. It was a great pleasure to coach Roma. The match against Cesena was very easy because we weren’t playing for anything anymore. It was lovely and we created loads of chances. Where we finished is the spot that we deserved. My relationship with Heinze? It was very intense. I like his character; it’s very similar to mine when I played. It's nice to talk with the players. I thank them all and I hope to see this team finish as high as possible next season. I will always cheer for Roma. My emotions at the final whistle? I'm not the sentimental type. However, the past few days it was difficult to speak from the heart with these lads. We prepared for this game to win it, as if it were the first one from next season, and I think we started the new season well. At the end of the game the sun even came out.

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