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Totti's 500th game in Serie A. To be continued...

Totti's 500th game in Serie A. To be continued...


28 March 1993 and 5 May 2012. Two dates to remember in the club's history. The protagonist is the pride of Roma. He who made his Giallorossi debut against Brescia 19 years ago. He who started by getting kicked and with time learnt to carry the team. He whose importance you realise when he's not there. He whose name means 215 Serie A goals. He who pulls out his trademark 'spoon' lob in the derby and at the San Siro. He who scored the goal that clinched the Scudetto against Parma. He whose first-time balls and backheels are a delight to behold. He who got injured in Roma v Empoli then went on to win a World Cup. He who has made us smile and given us all sorts of emotions besides. He who has always been there. He who has turned out for the Giallorossi 500 times in Serie A. He who will keep going for a long time yet. There is only one captain. He is... Francesco Totti.

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