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Giorgio Rossi, 55 years at Roma

Giorgio Rossi, 55 years at Roma


Fifty-five years with the Giallorossi, well over half of AS Roma's history. This evening, 5 May 2012, Giorgio Rossi celebrates his last competitive match at his 'home', the Stadio Olimpico, wearing the club's colours. Since 1957 Giorgio has been an important part of daily life at Roma, where over the decades he has become something of a symbol – a genuine individual, a walking encyclopaedia, a patrimony to be admired and preserved. For the countless players who have known him down the years, Giorgio has been a friend, a father, a grandfather. The keeper of a thousand dressing-room secrets, part of the club's furniture, a respected figure in the eyes of the fans, a man cherished by all the players. For 55 years Giorgio Rossi's fascinating story has run parallel to AS Roma's. Today the club - in the shape of Baldini, Totti, De Rossi and Perrotta - bestowed Giorgio with a specially designed Brusco Gioielli plaque as a sign of gratitude for the many years of service dedicated to the Giallorossi. Grazie Giorgio!

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