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Luis Enrique: “Only thinking of Chievo”

Luis Enrique: “Only thinking of Chievo”


Can these last matches influence my decision to stay here? I have no thoughts in my head other than preparing for the Chievo match, trying to beat them and thinking about the next challenge.

I’m very focused on preparing for the next game. Nothing has changed regarding what we said to each other two days ago. Perhaps we’re seeing too much of each other this week. The speech is always the same as before and it’s very clear. Do I feel lonely? No, not at all.

Yes, I don’t believe you could ever say that my team has not tried to win. I’ve often seen the lads disappointed because we didn’t manage to do what we wanted. Yes, Totti complained that De Sanctis wasted time on Saturday. I always notice a disappointment in the eyes of my players if they lose, I always see their desire to do something more. I’m aware that the results haven’t been coming and above all I’m sorry if the fans start to think that we aren’t trying until the very end. This creates some disappointment for us, but that’s football and it’s normal that when someone cannot identify himself with his team that it can create this alien atmosphere that helps neither the team nor the fans. I’ve always thought that it’s better to win than draw, and sometimes we’ve pushed too much to win and then lost. But I take responsibility for this.

I’m not interested in talking about anything. I’m interested in working. I’m still part of Roma and I’m proud of that. Why don’t I say that I’m staying? There are only two possibilities; staying or leaving. When the moment comes I’ll tell everything. I’ll talk with the club and make my decisions public. I already know what I'm going to do, one hundred percent.

There’s no emergency, but it’s true that Bojan is suffering from a calf problem. Just in case we’ll call up another of our young players, either Tallo or Piscitella. Chievo will be a difficult team to face, as always. I hope to see Roma playing more like we did against Napoli as opposed to the previous performances. Away we had problems. If we win this match and then do the same against Catania and Cesena we can still have our say. Stekelenburg? I don’t think he’ll take part. He still has pain in his shoulder.

At this moment there’s no need to think about the opportunities we wasted. I know that we squandered many chances during the season, like in the match against Fiorentina. Unfortunately it happened and it's a shame to realise that if we had been stronger we would be there competing for an important place. In the end, however, everyone deserves what they manage to obtain. Are nine points enough to get to Europe? For now we’ll think of the three that are at stake tomorrow.

For me Pjanic is a unique player who has played a season at a very high level. It’s normal to have ups and downs during the season. One thing I would like to say is that you need to be patient with such young players, even if they have a lot of quality like Miralem. When I hear boos directed at 20 year olds it doesn’t seem right. I understand that there are times when the fans feel they should do so. There needs to be patience for everyone however, without exceptions. These lads will be the future of this team.

I never expected anything. I never spoke of objectives because I didn’t know Italian football in depth. The objective was to produce lovely play and show something different, and at times we succeed. The target has always been the same; preparing for each match in the best possible way. For me the best way to get the result is through the play, knowing how to take to the pitch and knowing all the risks involved.

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