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Luis Enrique: "Poor in the first half. I understand the fans' disappointment"

Luis Enrique:


The words of the Giallorossi coach after the match against Fiorentina:

"We were poor today in the first half, then with a few changes we were better after the restart: we should always play as we did in the second period. Towards the end we were pushing and we risked a bit more, and that's when they punished us.

"I realise that it's hard for the fans to understand the way things are going. They have always got behind me and the team - today too - and after another defeat it's natural that they should be upset and disappointed. I can understand them because we have often played below our potential, like the first 45 minutes today. When we've been in a position to take that step up and really get in the mix for the positions that matter we've come up short. And it's always more difficult for a team to take to the pitch when confidence starts to wane. What is our target now? To get Roma into the Europa League: a big club like this must try to have European football.

"Sabatini said that I haven't always been helped? I came here to do my best. I've never looked for excuses and I've always said that if anyone is responsible for what happens it's me. The club is different to others, it's a top club and it deserves to be successful."

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