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Andreazzoli: "Tomorrow we'll try to improve our points-per-game ratio"



The Giallorossi coach's thoughts ahead of tomorrow's clash at the Stadio Olimpico:

"Have our results so far gone beyond my expectations? I'll wait for the end of the season before I consider things like that, our final league position is all that counts. To be honest I think we're a little short in terms of our points-per-game ratio, because we've deserved a bit more in certain games. Either way we're happy and we hope to further improve this in tomorrow night's match. It won't be easy because you always need to consider your opponents, regardless of who they are or where they are in the table."

"Are we in danger of underestimating our opponents as we've done in the past? The way we've trained over the last few days and the commitment shown by the lads have left me feeling good about this one and leads me to believe we'll put in a top performance. But then you have to go out there and do it. We had the same feeling before Palermo and Pescara. We'll see. We'll keep working hard."

"Do I plan on making changes for tomorrow? We'll do something. We'll have a good look now and then I'll have the whole day tomorrow to decide."

"Can the team's consistency prove to be the key in terms of me staying on as a head coach? As a coach you always live and die by your results, perhaps overly so. I'm not worried about that. My only concern is getting on with my job, trying to do better tomorrow than I did today. I want to make this team consistent, something we've struggled for. I believe we've made good progress in this area, you only need to look at the stats, but that's not all: our attitude has been very positive too. I always refer to how the players get on with one another and respect each other, that they like to see their team-mates succeed, just like Goicoechea on Saturday. He'd had a tough time of it, but he helped us and we all encouraged him."

"Do we have fitness issues? I don't think so. As I've said, you always need to consider your opponents. We played excellently in the first half in Florence on Saturday, even better than Fiorentina in my opinion. Then they came at us, as we expected them to. We weren't caught out by that, we knew how they were going to react. Totti, for example, had a great first half. Obviously a player's level can drop slightly, but the boys had three or four good breaks towards the end and we might have scored before Osvaldo got the winner. I don't think fitness is a problem."

"Can Destro and Osvaldo play together? We still need to see, as they haven't featured much together in matches. Although they're two very similar players, I believe they can play together."

"What did we say to one another at the end of the game? He hugged me, like all the guys, we didn't say anything in particular. I'm as happy as he is about his current form. I hope he also shows the consistency which the team has shown recently in its results. How much of a part did I play in him getting his head straight? A big part."

"How's Lobont? It was a bad injury he suffered on Saturday but that can happen to anyone, even a forward. Will he play tomorrow? We all know how determined Bogdan is to play even when he's not quite fit. He might take another bash to the nose, but he's not afraid. He'll have a fitness test today with a mask on, then he'll see if he wants to use it or not. What does he need to do to be a starter? I think Bogdan is brilliant, a number one. He's a great guy to have around the locker room. Even when he's in the stands he has a positive influence on the team. He's very good technically. He's really helped me to convey my message to the squad."

"Daniele and Michael have both been great in the last two games, I've really enjoyed their displays. They've got a huge job to do, perhaps that's my fault, but they've responded really positively."

"Miralem is a lot better: he's still got a bit of pain in his ankle which means he can't go all out, but he's improving all the time. We've got him on a personalized program specifically designed to help him build up his fitness."

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