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Andreazzoli: "Great game, shame about the result"



Aurelio Andreazzoli spoke to the media after the 1-1 derby draw against Lazio.

"It was a great night, just a shame about the result. I was nervous in the build-up to the game because the derby doesn't come around that often. But once it got going I enjoyed it. I had a bit of a fright when they had that penalty which could have put them 2-0 up. It was good to see team's reaction. It's a pity we couldn't give the fans three points after the chances we had.

"Why are we seventh if we've got so many good players? Because we haven't picked up enough points and because our form has been inconsistent. I can consider myself satisfied with what we've done so far but the table doesn't lie. It's a shame about the bad game we had in Palermo: before then we'd gone on a run of seven games with 14 points earned and just seven goals conceded. We'd only have Juventus in front of us with those stats. Despite all the difficulties my players always manage to do what I ask of them. Morale was very low in this group of players and we've built it up again over time. They're enjoying training and respond to every request made of them during the working week. It's normal to mess up in games sometimes but of course when you only have one result available to you, the slightest error is important."

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